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Former Teachers Visit ICS/ACS

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

ICS staff Kebede Daniel (Middle) stands with Sarah Davis (Left) and Janet Travis (Right)

Former ICS teachers, Sarah Davis and Janet Travis were at the ICS campus for a visit. They taught at ICS over 27-years ago, and their excitement was clear during their first visit in almost 3-decades. Reflecting on her visit, Sara notes, “There is a lot of changes at the campus, and it is incredible how the school has transformed.” Janet, on her part explains, “Everything looks beautiful and wonderful. We loved it when we were here, and most of the people who are still here love it too. The school has a very dedicated community. It’s a vibrant campus!.” They thanked the entire ICS community for a warm welcome and a great tour of the school. “It still feels like a family here,” they agree.


International Community School of Addis Ababa | 2019