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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

ICS/ACS Addis Alumni events have happened in several parts of the world the past few months. Members of the ICS leadership including our Head of School, Dr. Tim Stuart, and members of the ICS Board of Governors hosted the events, which were attended by several members of the alumni community. ICS organizes alumni events with an objective to promote the active engagement and continued connection of alumni with the rest of the ICS community. Dr.Tim explains, “Our main aim is to build relationships. We want to make sure that alumni remain a meaningful part of our community and to keep them connected to the school and to each other..”

In a series of occasions, alumni events have happened in Toronto, London and San Francisco. As Tim puts it, “One of the most interesting parts of all the events meeting ICS/ACS alumni from various generation. They are all vibrant, successful, articulate and service hearted, who describe ICS/ACS as a pivotal part of their lives,” he adds.

Our Deputy Head of School, Dr. George Zickefoose, attended an alumni meetup a few months ago. He recalls, “I was blown away with the positive tone and affirmation of our school from each of the attendees, each from their era. One, in particular, brought out an old yearbook and opened it to share with the group. Another member there found himself and his siblings in that yearbook. They were actively sharing their experiences and memories of a place once called American Community School- now the International Community School. Together, we formed that day a collective community of alumni representing one school with two names. It was a magical time to meet people who walked where we walk today and listen to the stories, briefly reliving the memories that are etched on their hearts.” 

ICS will continue to engage the alumni community. Alumni events are tentatively planned for Addis Ababa, Chicago and Seattle in the upcoming months.

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ICS Head of School, Dr. Tim Stuart (Left) pauses for a photo at an alumni event that took place in London


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