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Mrs. Kidane: A Three Decade Long Dedication

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mrs. Milena Kidane, one of our longest serving ICS educators. Mrs. Kidane served for 33-years at ICS Addis as an Art Teacher and has seen generations of ICS students and community. Mrs. Kidane loves ICS, and her strong connection to the school continues to inspire generations both within her family and the ICS community at large. Mrs. Kidane shares her thoughts about the school and how it has evolved.

Mrs. Kidane (Left) with her son and ICS educator, Markos Kidane, and her daughter-in-law, ICS Nurse, Taffy

When did you come to Ethiopia?

I came here in ‘76 with two children and my husband who is Ethiopian and worked as a curator at the national museum for 3 years. Then I moved to ACS and spent 33-years here.

What was ICS/ACS like when you joined the school?

I joined ACS Addis in 1979 as an art teacher. The school was quite small back then. It only had around 60 students. There were only a few teachers in the school. The school started growing rapidly around 3 years after I joined.

What are some changes you have witnessed at ICS during your long tenure here?

The school has grown very fast. Not only the school but also the area around the school has changed. This space you see here opposite to ICS (pointing outside the window towards the surrounding area) used to be a [farm] field. I remember taking my students out to the field when teaching about nature. The number of people working in the school has also changed dramatically. Back then, there were only 15 or 16 teachers. I really am happy about how much this place has grown.

How do you describe your growth as a professional during your time here?

When I came to ICS/ACS back in ‘76, I didn’t have much experience in teaching or in art, because I studied architecture and design. I had to learn ways to teach. Throughout my time here, I can say I was a learner as well as I was an educator. There was always something to learn, from the students and colleagues alike.

Another notable point is that as the years went by and as administrations changed, the professional demand from teachers grew higher and higher. I would like to specifically recognize Ms. Barbara Parker for this because she pushed the entire staff to higher level of professionalism.

What is special about ICS/ACS for you?

I can’t name just one thing. I should say ICS is my family. I have always considered the people here as a very important part of my [life]. My children went to this school. I spent most of my life here, over 41 years in Ethiopia and 33 years at ICS. It is no wonder ICS is the most important part of my life.

There are continuous changes and improvements at ICS. What do you think about the progress the school is making?

It is very good. The best. The greenery, the construction and the facilities are all great. I love how the school kept its greenery through all the changes

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